The new slots are one of the free casino games with a high bonuses and rewards. In this article, you will know about the features and technical specifications of the new slots free casino game.


What are the features of the new slots casino game?


  • It has an amazing welcome bonus of 700,000 coins for the new players
  • It consists of 150+ different slot machines, each with its own unique bonus game and special features
  • A new slot machine is available for every week
  • You have a chance of opening a new premium slot every 2 hours and win more rewards and bonuses
  • You can compete against other players online
  • Collectable card sets are used to open secret slot machines in the casino game.
  • This casino one of the best stunning animations and the visual effects are excellent and mind-blowing.
  • Some slot machines in the casino game will offer so many free spins that your reels would seem to spin forever in the game.
  • You will win a big prize for those who enter the game every day and start playing the game
  • There are many interesting quests for each slot machine in the game.

These are the interesting features of the new slots casino game.

What are the technical specifications of the new slots casino game?


  • It will access the information about the networks
  • It can access information about Wi-Fi networks you are using to play the casino game.
  • It also accesses the vibration feature of the game
  • You will get notified that the operating system has finished booting
  • It will be read from external storage
  • Power Manager Wake Locks will keep the processor from sleeping and the screen from dimming
  • It is one of the open network sockets
  • It is written to external storage
  • You will receive the message through the Amazon Device

These are the technical specifications of the new slots casino game.


You will make the bets on the game without leaving your house. You do not take the risk of the real money. Don’t forget to log in every two hours and collect the bonuses.